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MessageSujet: [Magazine] Lesabremusic.com   Dim 18 Avr 2010, 20:03

Black Veil Brides at the Whisky A-Go-Go, 12/20/09

Many voices are filling the radio waves, internet, and social spots today, complaining that the contemporary music scene is not as fulfilling as 60s and 70s scenes were. Unfortunately, many of these voices are correct, for many music acts have turned to perfecting their music to the critic’s critiquing, and trying to blend into the most popular, money-making music style. Yet, there are some bands that rest behind the scenes who do not fit such a description. One of these bands is Black Veil Brides. Black Veil Brides, although signed to an Indie Label, has gained heavy recognition among the Internet population. Their eclectic sound is the principal reason behind this popularity, because it incorporates a wide range of styles.

The band was playing a small show at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, a club located on Sunset Strip. I decided to go, and was blown away. The show began with the lights dimming, and a black curtain surrounding the stage. The only movement seen was in the form of ominous shadows. With the first note of the guitar, the curtain fell away to reveal the band that had come so far as to play filled venues with kids who know all the words. Black Veil Brides had amazing stage presence and execution; the guitar solos were in constant sync, and the vocals never fell off key. They not only performed to the fullest of their ability (there was constant movement everywhere on the stage), but they gave the audience added theatrical bonuses. Props such as skeletons floated near both wings of the stage, and a fog machine created a cloud over the band and the audience. Overall, the musicians gave their all to ensure the crowd got what they paid for, and even more.
As individuals, Black Veil Brides has not allowed their escalating status in the music scene to influence them in any negative aspect. Every member is kind to their fans, and stay for sometimes as long as two hours after each show to ensure that each and every kid gets to talk to them. They are far from self-absorbed, and put on a kind smile for everyone who passes by. Not only does this band excel at what they do, but they also do not take those abilities for granted. With strong guitar riffs, pounding drums lines, a beating heart of a bass, and deep, ominous vocals, this band will one day be recognized by the rest of the world. Let it be known, Black Veil Brides is here to stay.

Natalie Knipe


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MessageSujet: Re: [Magazine] Lesabremusic.com   Dim 25 Avr 2010, 14:36

Oh yeah que j'adore cet articles !! C'est tellement vrai en plus ce qu'elle dit à la dernière phrase Cool
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MessageSujet: Re: [Magazine] Lesabremusic.com   Dim 25 Avr 2010, 15:28

Ouais et je l'espère Laughing

« J0w. »
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